SUEL is a LIAISON TULA initiative

The cushion-collection inspire with its African theme, top-quality materials and unusual designs, combined with excellent craftsmanship and great attention to detail. The colourful couture cushions are made by hand in a limited edition in Rotterdam, Netherlands; they are beautiful and robust. A treat for the eyes and a special finishing touch for any style of interior decoration.

Always fascinated by anything unusual, Susann Willems from LIAISON TULA decided to design a range of outstanding cushions. The guiding principle behind the designs and special finishing: SUEL cushions should make everyday life more enjoyable.

Spelt husk filling

The very special feature of the cushions, which are obtainable in two sizes, is the natural spelt husk filling. No wonder that people quickly fall  in love with SUEL cushions and are reluctant to share them even with their nearest and dearest.

Collection II

Presents, Online-Shop & Activities

The cushions, also ideal as presents, can be bought directly in our online-shop or at special events. If you would like to know about our activities, new highlights and cultural tips, please do subscribe to our newsletter.


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